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Online Payments and Escrow Request Form  

Landshark Occasional User Remote Access Payments

Public Users (occasional remote access users) may now download images in LandShark by paying with a credit/debit card.  Register here to begin searching!  Once registered, you may log in using the same User ID and Password in the future; however, you will need to enter new payment information each session. 

To view a document image, you will be asked to provide credit/debit card account information for a payment of $1.00 per page viewed and/or printed at the time of download plus a remote access fee of $10.00.

NOTE:  The initial credit card entry screen indicates a $50.00 pre-authorization hold on your credit card.  The $50.00 hold will change to the amount of purchase within approximately 24 hours.

Request for services from Recorder Staff and Escrow Payments can be paid for online                               

This website allows for credit/debit card payment (fee=2.40% of total, $1.80 minimum)  or electronic check payment ($1.80 flat fee) for escrow payments , recording fees and copies of documents, etc. The user needs to know their invoice number, reference number or escrow account number to use the site, data which is provided by the Recorder’s Office.  

The link to the website can be found on the Online Payments page of the public website.

Escrow Request Form

Please complete and return this Escrow Request Form to the Wright County Recorder’s Office to set up an Escrow Account with Wright County.

Click here to View/Print a request form.

Email and with any Landshark questions

Public Counters - Call for an appointment 763-682-7357 (press 1)
Public Records Area Access - Online Scheduling             

Click here to make escrow payments on our website   (please enter escrow number in reference field)

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We will be migrating to the NEW Landshark platform 1st Quarter 2024.  We are excited to provide a more user friendly environment for end users.

All images dating back to the 1800's have been imported into our data base along with limited indexed data.  The start date for searches will continue to be updated once staff verify the indexed data.  Landshark allows you to search by book and page, however, there are some gaps with these searches where the book and pages dropped out of our system.  We are working to manually enter the book and pages back into our system.

Images prior to 1963 please contact our office for assistance at 763-682-7357 or email your request to:

Screen Tip:  Is your Infobox larger than your work area?  Depending on the size of your monitor the Infobox can appear larger than your Search area.  Press CTRL + for a larger search area.  Press CTRL - for a smaller search area.


Wright County Recorder, 3650 Braddock Avenue Northeast, Suite 1500, Buffalo, MN  55313.



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