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We are providing all services electronically, mail, drop box or fax.  We have limited staff in the office during this time so we encourage you to use Landshark, record documents electronically and make deposits or payments online.

Torrens:  Did you know that Wright County's Interactive GIS Map - Beacon has a Torrens Layer?  Go to our website for additional infromation. 


Landshark subscribers can add funds to their escrow account using a credit card at no charge.

Escrow account holders can make escrow deposits online with an electronic check or credit card just enter in escrow account number at the time of payment.

**CONTACT CHANGES UPDATED PERIODICALLY DUE TO SHIFTS IN WORK PRIORITIES  Images prior to 1977 please contact our office for assistance at 763-682-7360 or email your request to and cc:

Email and with any Landshark questions and one of us will get back to you.


Public users (occasional remote access users) may now download images in LandShark by paying with a credit/debit card.  Register here to begin searching!  Once registered, you may log in using the same User ID and Password in the future; however, you will need to enter new payment information each session. 

To view a document image, you will be asked to provide credit/debit card account information for a payment of $1.00 per page viewed and/or printed at the time of download plus a remote access fee of $10.00.

NOTE:  The initial credit card entry screen indicates a $50.00 pre-authorization hold on your credit card.  The $50.00 hold will change to the amount of purchase within approximately 24 hours.

Screen Tip:  Is your Infobox larger than your work area?  Depending on the size of your monitor the Infobox can appear larger than your Search area.  Press CTRL + for a larger search area.  Press CTRL - for a smaller search area.





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