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NEW Legal search matching options available:

Contains:  This is our broadest search option.  It will display the most search results.  No changes have been made to our Contains searches.

Contains Specific: This is our new search matching option.  Contains Specific searches are less broad than Contains.  This search does not display government lots, unless they are included in the search criteria.  Contains Specific searches return any documents whose indexing data includes the search criteria entered.  No additional documents whose indexing data is blank or whose indexing data is similar will be displayed.

Exact: Exact searches are the least broad.  Search results will include only documents that have indexing information that match the search criteria EXACTLY.  For example, if a user searches for a plat name and leaves all other fields blank, the search results will ONLY include documents that are indexed to the plat name with no lots, blocks, buildings, units and garages entered.


Welcome to LandShark!

LandShark is an application providing Web access to information contained in the Land Records Management System at Wright County.  Information you receive through LandShark is exactly the same as it would be if obtained in person at the county.  LandShark allows you to search for land record documents available in our system and if you have a subscription you can actually view and print the document image from your own computer.


Land Records Search / Public Users :

(data only / no fee)

 Click 'Log In'  below.  User name & password are public143.  Search options are by name or legal description.  There are no images available with this account.  


Log out when you are finished. 


Subscription to Landshark Account :

(data & images / fees apply)

Complete Remote Access Agreement and Escrow Authorization Form (fees are listed on the last page).  Click About tab, then Escrow and Agreement subtabs to download forms. 

Send completed forms and proper fees to Recorder's Office, 10 Second St NW, Room 210, Buffalo, MN.  55313.  

If you have any questions, please call our office at 763-682-7357.


Account Administrators:

Be sure to delete users from your Landshark account when they leave your organization.


Thank you for visiting our website!!



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